Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

"My first experience with Queen of the Rosary School was when my family and I attended an Open House. First, I was overwhelmed by how friendly and enthusiastic the teachers, staff, and other families were. As I learned about the program, it was easy to see that the school focused both on fostering creativity and knowledge, but also on God’s love and Biblical messages. I loved the idea that my daughter would be going to a Blue Ribbon school, and she would be learning her ABCs while simultaneously learning about Jesus. I was so impressed with the school that I enrolled my daughter that day! Every day, she wakes up excited to go to school. On holidays and weekends, my daughter begs me to take her to school. She also comes home every day eager to tell us about her friends or things she has learned that day. She enjoys all the unique, creative activities the school provides every day, like finger painting with shaving cream. I appreciate the detail-mindedness of the staff, especially the way they encourage constant parental involvement. I never have to wonder what my daughter is doing at school any given day, because I am able to read all about it on the school’s website. I highly recommend Queen of the Rosary School because of their friendliness, level of education, and the wonderful experiences my daughter has every day she attends."

-Amanda Arroyo

“Our 3 year old has benefited tremendously from the 3 year preschool program at Queen of the Rosary.  The teachers are incredible – they are patient, kind, helpful, and always act with the children’s best interest in mind.  Queen of the Rosary works with the kids on their personal development, both educationally and socially.  The classroom is a safe, peaceful place where the children are always comfortable to speak their minds and know they are in good hands.  We will continue to recommend the program to families who are inquiring.”                          

-The Schlenbecker Family

Queen of the Rosary's preschool program offers a fun and engaging faith based educational curriculum. Weekly themes centered around a letter in the alphabet provide crafts, stories, activities, gym and music classes which leave my daughter excited about learning. The teachers are dedicated, encouraging and make learning fun on a daily basis.                                    

-Mary Allaire-Schnitzer

After researching all the different preschool options near and far, we chose Queen of the Rosary and have been highly content. As an educator, I knew I made the right decision, as any visitor can see the passion for teaching in the eyes of the preschool teachers and assistants. We are now in our 4th year of preschool at Queen of the Rosary, as both of my children attended two years each. Besides preparing my children socially and academically for kindergarten, the teachers provided a home away from home. I've never witnessed such intelligent and caring educators who truly embody Christian values. There is a great sense of community, and many of the mothers that I have met through the preschool program have become lifelong friends.                                                      

-Lisa M.

Queen of the Rosary is an amazing learning community, where children and families feel safe and welcome.  Sending your children to preschool is always a difficult choice for parents to make, at least for me it was when my 3yr. old daughter was entering preschool.  The minute you meet the teachers, you feel a sense of comfort and security.  They are the most nurturing, caring, patient and dedicated group of teachers that truly care about the students. I can’t be happier with the decision my family has made in choosing the preschool program at QR.  Next year, I will have three children attending this school.  As a teacher myself, I understand the importance of having a good quality education and I feel that QR has highly qualified teachers that provide quality instruction to all students.  The preschool program at Queen of the Rosary School is truly focused on academic learning, social development and spiritual growth at an early age.  From the first day the students enter they are exposed to literacy, math, social skills, prayers and other content areas.  You see their learning and growth on a daily basis as the children bring home their work. I recommend this program because I have seen the growth my child has made since she's been in this school.                                                            

-R Herrera

Our daughter Reese attended the Queen of the Rosary Preschool program with Mrs. McCarthy and Mrs. Cruse last year and our son Jacob is in the class this year. We have been extremely pleased with our experience as a whole with the teachers, and families we have met at Queen of the Rosary. Based on having 4 children ages 6, 4, 2 and 9 months, our original intentions were to have our children attend Queen of the Rosary for Preschool and Kindergarten, then move them to public schools for 1st grade and beyond. Due to our positive experience with Mrs. McCarthy’s Preschool program, and now Mrs. Ellefson’s Kindergarten program, we have decided that it is worth the investment in our children’s future to keep them at Q&R. We would definitely recommend this school and Preschool program to any parent who values their child’s education.                                              

- The Gbur Family

My child has attended Queen of the Rosary Preschool for the last two years. I could not be more pleased and relieved to have such a supportive environment for my child for the beginning stages of her educational development. It was difficult to "let go" of my three year old and I struggled with placing her in school at such an early age.  QR has been a blessing! She has grown socially, emotionally, and spiritually at the hands of dedicated, caring and supportive teachers. I know she is enjoying the independence and the new found friendships that have developed through this amazing experience. QR's preschool program provides the perfect amount of socialization, spiritual foundation, and education as to not overwhelm my child, but to build a positive foundation for the beginning of her educational career.  I see her excitement and love of school each day she attends in the projects and stories she shares the moment she comes home.  Her self esteem has grown by leaps and bounds and I couldn't dream of any other program that could be as beneficial to my child. I thank the extraordinary teachers/aides for a great start to her school experience. I can't wait for the next nine years at QR! 

I am very pleased with the services you have been offering my daughter at this school.  My daughter has been here only 6 months and has been advancing greatly.  She began her school year speaking no English, because her first language is Polish.  I was worried when she began because I wasn’t sure she would catch on and understand anything being said to her.  With the help of her teachers Mrs. Nagle and Mrs. D she was able to catch on and to my surprise she has even surpassed what I had expected.  They have been so pleasing, sweet and gentle with her that when I am ready to pick her up from school she never wants to leave.  It is so comforting as a parent to see your child enjoy her school very much that she doesn’t want to leave.  The fact that this is also a Catholic School and my daughter is also learning about religion make it so much better. I would like to send out my many thanks to the teachers and the entire staff of Queen of the Rosary.  I would also like to let everyone know that I highly recommend the school and let parents know the many blessings we have received at Queen of the Rosary School.

- The Mika Family