School Board Responsibility

school board

Catholic Schools:  Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service


The school board consists of nine elected individuals, as well as the pastor and the principal.  Members serve for 3-years. The school board meets at school on the third Tuesday of designated months at 7 p.m.  Board members should be available to meet on this day and at this time.  School board is a leadership group within the ministry of Catholic schooling.  

Responsibilities of school board members include:

  • Modeling faith community in a spirit of cooperation and interdependence with the pastor and principal.
  • Adhering to Archdiocesan policy and developing policies that enable the school to fulfill its mission.
  • Assisting the pastor in search and selection of the principal when a vacancy occurs.
  • Participating in the Archdiocesan Principal Performance Review Process.
  • Reviewing and advising on the school budget, tuition rates and other sources of financing.
  • Developing and periodically reviewing the local board constitution and bylaws.
  • Participating in the school’s development, student recruitment efforts, and long-range plans.
  • Acting as the public relations and marketing arm of the school and its programs.
  • Participating in ongoing board in-service both at the Archdiocesan and local level.
  • Evaluating annually the board’s effectiveness, productivity and internal operations.
  • Directing individuals and/or groups to appropriate resources for conflict resolution.
  • Participating, upon request, in the School Improvement Process.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the recommendations of the School Improvement Plan.
  • Supporting the efforts of local legislative action.

 School Board is not responsible for:

  • Acting as a grievance committee or conciliators for any group or party.
  • Hiring, evaluating or terminating faculty and staff, nor do they advise principals of their responsibilities in personnel matters.
  • Administering the school or telling the principal how to administer the school.
  • Implementing policies and procedures.

Each member of the School Board shall be at least 21 years of age, a practicing Catholic, active in the school and/or parish. Board members shall be registered parishioners of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament or the parent of a child currently enrolled in the school.