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Elementary Grades 1-5

Elementary grades 1-5 offer a variety of learning experiences that continue to develop the whole student spiritually, academically, socially, and physically. Curriculum includes Religion, Reading, English, Spelling , Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, Art Appreciation, Physical Education/Health, and digital learning.

All grades have the ability to explore individual interests through integrated technology and fine arts programs

Physical education and health is an integral piece in the educational process for all grade levels

Grades K-2 have individual iPads to support learning

Grades 3-5 have chromebooks to support learning

Grades K-4 visit the QR LMC twice a week as a class. Teachers in all classrooms can schedule time in the LMC (Library Media Center)

Grades 4 and above may participate on athletic teams (volleyball, basketball, softball)

In cooperation with the Elk Grove Police Department, 5th grade students participate in the DARE program

In cooperation with the Elk Grove Public Library, students may participate in the Battle of the Books