QR Survival Pool


Proceeds benefit Queen of the Rosary School 

Object:  Have the last entry standing by picking one NFL team to win each week.  You cannot pick the same NFL team twice during the season (per entry).

Entry Fee: $25.00 First Entry - $15.00 for each additional entry

Example: Three Entries would be $55.00

www.runyourpool.com – Pool ID 76264, Password: QR_Survivor

BUY BACK OPTION – If your team loses, you can buy back immediately (same week) for an additional $15.00/entry.  This option is only available through WEEK 8 of the season.  Note you need to buy back before the next deadline. You cannot reactive an entry after a week or more passes.

Pick (2) Weeks:  You will be required to pick (2) winners on Weeks 5, 10, and 15.

Ties: Ties will be treated as a loss (This is a fundraiser, after all!!)

1.  Payment:  You can use PayPal.  Send payment to paypal.me/jamscott08

Reference “QR Pool” on all transactions. If you are playing multiple entries, email me your entry names so I can keep them straight.  Jamscot08@icloud.com (Use QR Pool in the Header)

 2. YOu can send payment through school mail.  Send in envelope marked: ATTN: Scott Wadas - Pool.  Include your email address so he can confirm receipt.

Last (5) Entries Standing will receive part of the pot.  Final prizes will be determined by pool size.  We are shooting for $1,000.00 Grand Prize + Payouts for 2
nd place through 5th place.

All pool communication will be done via the “Run Your Pool” website.  So please make sure  your contact information is accurate. 

 Thanks in advance for participating.  Good Luck