Special Events Committee



Spring Gala - please consider helping the school put on this wonderful, annual event.  Although the gala takes place on the first Saturday in March, the planning for it starts now.  If you've ever had the chance to attend this lovely dinner dance and auction, you'll understand that it takes a lot of work to make it all happen (if you haven't attended in the past, don't miss out this year!).  We are in need of many volunteers to once again make it a great event.  The gala committee meets monthly.


Track-A-Thon - our 3rd annual event will once again take place in mid-May.  Of our 3 large fundraisers, this is the one that the students actively participate in, and it's no wonder that it's a such a fun day (not only for students, but for volunteers, as well)!  This event requires a lot of work in the months leading up to the event, a lot of help on the day of the event, and some important, post-event efforts, as well.  Please consider being part of the committee that puts on this rewarding fundraiser.  There would not be many formal meetings, but necessary tasks and areas of the event that need focus, and will require a time commitment, typically starting after the gala.  


****New Event Alert!******


Craft Beer and Food Truck Event - the school board is looking to put on this first-annual, social event at the end of the school year, on our school grounds.  We believe that this has huge potential to be a great event, not only for the school community to enjoy, but also for the greater Elk Grove and surrounding communities.  This will be a big undertaking with lots to consider.  If we start the planning now, we can make it a great initial event.  We are looking for a lot of help, and are asking you to consider being part of the first-ever committee to make it happen.  If this ends up being something that takes off and becomes a regular, known QR event, you'll be able to say you helped start it all!  As we're starting from scratch, the time commitment is tbd.  However, formal, monthly meetings will likely be necessary and start soon.