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We are excited to announce the first QR Serves event to help the Elk Grove Community!

Event:  Leaf raking for elderly parishioners who live near the school
Date:  T.B.D.
Participants:  We are in need of student volunteers from 5th through 8th grades

Details:  QR Serves has committed to raking leaves for 2 parishioner households on Sussex Court, which is a few blocks away from the school.  We will gather at 580 Sussex Court at noon on the 23rd.  We are looking for a minimum of 6-8 student volunteers for each household, so that the work can be done simultaneously.  We will gladly accept more student volunteers than that, and parents and family members are more than welcome to help, as well. 

Student volunteers just need to make sure they dress appropriately (e.g. sweatshirts and coats, hats to cover ears if cold, gloves to protect hands, even if not cold).  Rakes will be provided for students, but we ask other family members to bring a rake or two if helping.  Leaves will be raked to the curb (i.e. no bagging of leaves needs to be done).  The leaf raking will likely take a couple hours to complete.

Below is the link to the on-line sign-up sheet to be used to volunteer your child. Please sign up by Wednesday, November 20th.

As a Catholic school, Queen of the Rosary is called to serve others.  We will be looking to provide periodic opportunities like this for our students to do so.  Please consider volunteering your 5th through 8th grader to represent QR through this couple hours of giving back to our community.  Please direct any questions to Shane Boyle, sboyle74@yahoo.com, or RJ Gomez, rjgomez214@gmail.com.  

Thank you in advance for your support of this service event!   


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