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Dear Families

Thank you for your continued support as we move into week two of E-Learning. Provided in this letter are our plans on how we will continue to offer Catholic education for students during this unique time in our world.

Moving instruction out of the school building is a journey that we will all navigate together throughout the coming days.  We understand that each family is facing a variety of challenges and that e-learning is just one of those challenges at this time. Here are some general guidelines and recommendations to follow as your child works at home:

  • Virtual education is successful when students have a routine/schedule to follow that includes breaks away from the screen and a space in which to work and learn. Ideally, learning spaces should have:

Good lighting

Free from distractions

Ready access to learning materials and tools

  • Collaborate vs. complete--We encourage parents to collaborate with their children when necessary; however, please encourage students to complete their own work. We understand that this can be hard, and we all want to support students. But teachers can provide important feedback to help students truly learn, and they can only do that if the work is that of the students.
  •  Provide positive feedback to your children to reinforce a growth mindset. While they may struggle with less guidance from the teachers, they will still learn and grow from this experience.

It is OK to not have all the answers. We don't either at this time. And that is just fine. We are going to do this together. 

Please email the teacher and/or me with any questions or concerns through this process. Our primary goal is to maintain our positive relationships and connections with students and families. We are hopeful that students continue to learn through this as well. But we know that nothing can effectively replace the teachers, so we are going to be flexible and understanding with all students and families. And we are grateful for your flexibility and understanding as well. 

Ongoing communication will be provided on a regular basis from your child’s teacher/s regarding instruction. 

Assessing LearningAcross the entire student body, teachers will communicate with students about how to share their learning. Assessments can take many different forms, including but not limited to completion of assignments, quizzes, shared pictures of work, etc. 

  • Teachers will be available via their school email address Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Please keep in mind, though, that our dedicated teachers will be providing instruction during the day while also juggling their own family needs during this unique time period. Please give teachers at least a business day to respond to your questions and/or concerns.

Students are expected to participate in the learning of the teacher’s lessons as if they were within their school’s walls.

Students using technology platforms are expected to adhere to the guidelines set forth in the school’s Acceptable Use Policy In general, students should:

●     Use respectful behavior and language at all times;

  • Stick to appropriate topic discussions;
  • Send only appropriate video transmissions; 
  • Be in an open area when online;
  • Use only appropriate icon, emoji, and avatar submissions;
  • Wear appropriate clothing if attending meetings via video;
  • Be honest and use academic integrity by not plagiarizing or copying others’ work; and

●     Not falsify information about oneself or impersonate others online.


On Wednesday, April 1,we will have curbside ​​pickup/drop off of school work from 4:00-5:00p.m.  outside door 1 of the school. 

Please enter from the back lot/Rainbow Falls drive off of Rev. Morrison/JFK Blvd.  Drive into the school lot and around the back of the school to the drive between the school and Parish Office. (gym side of the building), pull up to the school, pick up materials, and exit to your left to Elk Grove Blvd.

If you are turning in assignments, I ask that the assignments be sorted by teacher. Please make sure each assignment has the child’s name, subject and teacher’s name. This is especially important for the upper wing students.   I will sort and place in baskets for the teacher to pick up.

From the Archdiocese of Chicago:

Parents and students cannot enter the building during this time. This is a curbside pickup/drop off of materials only.  Please adhere to all CDC guidelines during curbside interactions. We know students will be excited to see their teachers, but it is important that we all work together to ensure the health of our community. Please use hand sanitizer or wash your hands after the exchange of materials. 

To make things a bit easier for students and families, and we do not know when this system-wide shutdown will end, we are going to use the following model:
Week 1 
MWF- Religion, Math, Science, 
TTH- Religion, Social Studies, Language Arts (Eng./Voc., Reading/Literature)
Spring Break- no assignments 
Week 2 (The week following Spring Break, if needed)
MWF - Religion, Social Studies, Language Arts (Eng./Voc., Reading/Literature)
TTH-Religion, Math, Science. 
Assignments or activities for PE and Music will be on the following days:
Music - T

Teacher Folders
Please click on the
Teacher Folders Page to download assignments and/or information provided by your child's teacher.  You can subscribe to your teacher's folder by clicking on the Bell with the word "Subscribe" next to it.  You do NOT need to be logged in to subscribe to the folder.  Follow the prompts to decide which form of "Alerts" you would like to receive.  You will receive and email confirming your "subscription".  You must "Confirm" your subscription receipt of the confirmation email to complete the process.

Teacher Discussion:
Teacher Discussion is a place where teachers can post assignments or messages.  Parents/Students can respond only if they are "Logged" into the qrschool.org website.  However, any communication is visible to anyone, and the "alert subscription" process is the same as above.  *Please note, these questions and answers are visible to the public.  Please refrain from posting any personal comments or questions.