Why Choose Queen of the Rosary School?

Why Choose Queen of the Rosary?

Since 1959, Queen of the Rosary School has maintained a strong academic presence in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. After fifty years, the school’s traditions and sense of community continue to attract new students, as well as second-generation school families.

Besides its competitive academic programs, Queen of the Rosary offers many extracurricular activities, such as ethnic fair, science fair,  student council, orchestra band, hand chime choir, and Spanish classes. Sports are also available to students in grades four through eight:  girls’ volleyball; boys’ volleyball; girls’ basketball; boys’ basketball; and girls' softball.

Making innovative use of technology is one of Queen of the Rosary’s many strengths. Besides utilizing software applications and Internet resources, there is an Interactive Whiteboard for use in daily lessons. Students in grades K-2 each have an iPad and students in grades 3-8 each have a chromebook.  Students in Preschool classrooms share an iPad cart.

Queen of the Rosary also prides itself on many upgrades it has made in the area of communication. A Thursday Newsletter is emailed out to families. Parents and students in grades 3-8 have immediate access to daily grades through the school’s online grade book. Many teachers use either Google Classroom or Seesaw to communicate with students and families regarding classroom assignments and activities.  In addition to the school webpage, families can also follow school updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Parents are an integral part of the school and are involved in School Board, Parent Club and Boosters. Queen of the Rosary School challenges students to become the best they can be both academically and spiritually.